Coalition Peace Initiative Petition:

Poverty-Environment-Justice-Accountability Peace Initiative


Coalition Peace Initiative Petition Diagram

We are facing global poverty on an unprecedented level. About 10% of the world’s population go to bed each night on an empty stomach.  About 4 million infants die per year before reaching the age of one.  We are facing a global Covid-19 pandemic, with about 170 million infections and about 3.5 million deaths.  Approximately 70 million children do not go to school each day.

We need to protect our environment.  The world’s average temperature has been increasing by about 0.2 degree Celsius per decade, resulting in melting glaciers and flooding of shore lines, increasing number of violent hurricanes and raging forest fires, and degradation of air quality.

The world constantly faces injustice, in the form of racial discrimination, gender discrimination, ethnic discrimination. Inequality has reached unprecedented levels, with more than 70% of the global population living in countries where the wealth gap is growing. Our leaders are not accountable for their decisions and are making more and more decisions not based on facts, science or logic, and making decisions that benefit the small percentage who are wealthy and powerful while neglecting the great majority of the people.

These three phenomena of increasing global poverty, environment challenges, and lack of justice and accountability in decision making are moving the world away from peace and moving toward war.  A war including nuclear weapons that will lead to an unimaginable world hardly livable for our children and grandchildren.

However, we also know that there are already many organizations working hard to fight against the above mentioned injustices.  If we form a coalition of these organizations working together toward peace, justice, and equality with the goal of making the world more prosperous and equitably sharing that prosperity, then we will be strong enough to fight against the entrenched forces and have a chance of winning this battle.

Since many issues are complex, organizations do not have to agree in detail on everything to join this coalition. But we should agree on the following principles:

  • Attack Poverty

  • Protect the Environment

  • Seek Justice and Accountability

while seeking peace and against war, as illustrated in the above diagram.

We understand that different countries will also be competing against each other.  As a matter of fact, we welcome and need the competition to motivate everyone to work harder and smarter.  But the competition needs to be fair.  We should not fabricate fake news to attack each other.  While competing against each other, we will also work collaboratively on those projects that require all of us working together to solve global problems such as poverty, climate change, terrorism, arms escalation, pandemic, and peace.

The goal of this peace initiative is captured in the “Poem for Peace” that can also be found in the “References” page. 

If you agree that such a coalition will unify and amplify our voices, please sign and help to publicize this petition:


Here are 4 reference documents providing background information related to this Peace Initiative:

These four reference documents can also be found in the “References” page.

Click here for a partial list of organizations, listed in alphabetical order, who are already working on some of the issues mentioned in this petition.

If you or your organization agrees with this peace initiative, please sign and help to publicize this petition.  Thank you.